Edward Hard Sole

Edward is a traditional men's character oxford. Featuring a split hard sole and hidden elastic gussets on the sides Edward provides the support and flexibility needed for character dancing.All LaDuca Shoes are handcrafted in Italy to ensure our dancers the comfort and quality they desire.

When tapped, Edward adorns LaDuca Aluminum taps, specifically created for a full and brilliant sound. 

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Fit Guide

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Fit Guide

LaDuca shoes are fit off standard US street shoe sizing. When someone first puts the shoe on you want a snug fit in the width and toes to lie flat and reach the end of the shoe. The shoes loosen up as they are worn. Creasing across the toe box indicates the need for a wider width in the shoe. The shoes should be snug but not tight, LaDuca shoes should never start off painful but there should be no additional length in the shoe.

Learn more about fitting LaDuca shoes and boots by watching our Fitting Videos here.