Frequently Asked Questions

Why LaDuca?

Simply, to perform your best, you have to be in the best. LaDuca has changed the industry.  LaDucas’ flexibility allows more articulation in your foot and the ability to feel the floor as you dance. LaDuca shoes have a naturally wider toe-box to accommodate a dancer’s foot without squeezing or pinching your toes. LaDuca shoes were created with the dancer in mind and position the body over the center of the shoe, this alleviates unnecessary knee and back pain creating a healthier dance experience. The shoes come from very small to very large sizes and can be customized to ensure the best fit for anyone looking for the perfect dance shoe.

Hard Sole vs. Soft Sole (benefits/drawbacks):
The Hard Sole line of shoes are for character and stage work, they are used in many on Broadway shoes because they have a tendency to last a bit longer.  Hard Sole shoes can also be worn as street shoes. We recommend street rubber if they are being worn as street shoes. Some dancers prefer hard sole shoes for additional support. The hard soles, even after breaking in, will NEVER be as flexible as Soft Soles.  The Soft Sole is an extremely flexible shoe, especially for jazz and lyrical dancers, it is comparable to dancing in a jazz shoe with a heel.

How are you shoes sized?
LaDuca Shoes are sized based on US Street Shoe Sizing.

When ordering a Character Shoe, Boot or Tap shoe online or over the phone – how do I know what size to select?

You can start by watching our fitting videos here.

Where can I buy your shoes?
Online @ or at our Flagship Retail Store located In Midtown Manhattan at 517 w. 45th Street in New York City. Also now in London at LaDuca Shoes London, 37 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5RR.

Do I need an appointment to get fitted for stock shoes?
Nope, you are welcome to come into the store anytime during business hours for stock shoe fittings.

Can I return?
We don’t do any returns, however, you can exchange UNWORN shoes within 30 days of purchase.

How do I exchange?
You should find the instruction on the bottom of the packing slip included in your shipment. All exchanges that are shipped will incur a $20.00 Exchange Fee to cover the cost of shipping out a new pair of shoes.

Is there a fee to personalize a shoe in a Palette Skin Tone Shade?

There is no up-charge or fee to personalize available stock styles in a Palette Skin Tone Shade. Non-skin tone custom colors, fabrics, or leathers will incur a customization fee depending on the amount of work.

How long is the delivery time on shoes personalized in a Palette Skin Tone Shade?

Our goal is to have personalized shoes delivered within 4-6 weeks of the order being placed. Depending on many factors, the delivery window may change, but we will always update you and fully accommodate deadlines.

Why is the delivery time so long for Palette Personalized orders?

The delivery time is slightly longer because each shoe is uniquely handcrafted to incorporate your selected style, heel height (if applicable), and shade selection.  The time frame when a shoe or boot is made in conjunction with the number of orders the factory has at that given time can also affect delivery time.

None of the Palette Skin Tone Shades match my skin tone. What can I do?

Call to arrange an in-store appointment to view and match skin tone shades from our expanded swatch collection. There is no fee to personalize a shoe or boot in a shade from this collection. If no LaDuca option exists, customers can provide their own leather (at customer’s cost) to their own satisfaction, and LaDuca Shoes will make their shoe at the stock price of the selected style. Personal cost for this option is the cost of the shoe/boot, plus their investment in the leather provided by the customer. Shoes and boots personalized from the expanded skin tone swatch collection or built from customer provided leather are final sale and are not exchangeable.

My feet are two different sizes. What size should I get?

We always suggest fitting the shoe to accommodate the larger of the two feet.

What does the size on the inside of my shoe mean?
The numbers on the inside of the shoe pertain to the specific style of that shoe. It can help us to guide you into the proper fit of another style, but should not govern your specific shoe size.

Will they break in?
Our shoes are made of soft Italian leather which allows them to break in over time. They will break in and form to your foot in the width, however, never in the length.

How do Roxie Tap Shoes fit in comparison to the soft soles?
We suggest trying a half size down from your street shoe size in our hard sole shoes we use to tap.

How do the boots fit in comparison to the soft soles?
The boots run larger than our soft sole shoes. We suggest going down a half to a full size smaller. Similar to all other styles of shoes they will break in and form to your foot in the width, but never in the length.

Do you ship internationally?
We do ship internationally, however, price varies depending on the location. You will need to either call or email the store directly for all International Orders.

Can I paint the shoes?
We do not suggest painting the shoes as it would degrade the high quality leather. We do offer the option to do any of our shoes in a custom leather for an upgraded price of $100 on top of the cost of the shoe.

Can I put taps on a soft sole shoe?
Our soft sole shoes do not offer the option of being tapped.

Do you do any custom shoes?
Yes. LaDuca Shoes offers Custom Shoes for Weddings, Shows and Special Occasions. It usually takes Custom Shoes about 6-8 weeks to be made. All Custom Orders are Final Sale. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment for all Custom Shoes @ 212 586 2079.


Fit Guide

LaDuca shoes are fit off standard US street shoe sizing. When someone first puts the shoe on you want a snug fit in the width and toes to lie flat and reach the end of the shoe. The shoes loosen up as they are worn. Creasing across the toe box indicates the need for a wider width in the shoe. The shoes should be snug but not tight, LaDuca shoes should never start off painful but there should be no additional length in the shoe.

Learn more about fitting LaDuca shoes and boots by watching our Fitting Videos here.